Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Mostly True Story of Jack by Kelly Regan Barnhill

After his parents separate Jack is sent to live with a bizarre aunt and uncle in Iowa.  As soon as he sets foot in the house he feels something unusual that he can't put his finger on.  Other strange events happen to Jack as well.  At home he was basically invisible to everyone - kids at school, teachers and even his parents tended to forget he was there most of the time.  But in Iowa he meets three kids who all notice him and become friends as well as a bully who is aware enough of Jack to keep harassing him.  Jack doesn't know what's happening but as the story goes on the many threads begin to come together - the old schoolhouse that sometimes disappears, Jack's new friend who was" taken" in the past and now doesn't speak, the odd book with a history of the town, and the town's richest man who wants to kill Jack.  This is a strange, disturbing book that seemed to try to include way too much.  Not too my liking at all.