Thursday, October 11, 2012

Code of Silence by Tim Shoemaker

Cooper and his two best friends Hiro and Gordy are hanging out at their favorite restaurant when it is robbed.  The robbers don't see the three teens until they try to escape.  Although the criminals are wearing masks Cooper believes that they might be police officers because of the rest of their clothes.  Unsure about who they can trust the three friends decide to take a code of silence about what they have witnessed.  But the code faces serious troubles when police officers show up at school on Monday looking for the teen witness who left his bookbag behind at the scene of the crime.  Also, talking might help their friend who owns the restaurant who was nearly killed by the robbers.  While Cooper stubbornly sticks by the code he alienates Hiro who believes they should trust the police and ask for help.  This book surprised me about halfway through when God kept coming up in the discussions between the kids.  It became clear that this was a story meant to help explore telling the truth and relying on God.  Since the book is not billed as Christian literature and I wasn't expecting that, that realization threw me for a bit.  But as I reflected more I thought it was nice to have a book with Christian characters that is not just all about being Christian or about teaching you the lesson in a hard-hitting way.  As a story, not a bad mystery/adventure although I felt that the author dragged out the teens' decision to finally get some help.