Monday, October 15, 2012

Cordially Univited by Jennifer Roy

Claire has a big secret - her cousin is the commoner engaged to the Prince of England and Claire is going to be a junior bridesmaid in the royal wedding!  Claire is very close to her cousin Belle who has spent every summer in their small American town so Claire wants to make sure everything goes perfectly for Belle.  The first issue she needs to address is making sure the prince is good enough for her cousin.  Once Claire is assured that he truly loves Belle she has several other problems to solve.  In particular, she has to stop mean girl (and fellow bridesmaid) Pandora from breaking up the happy couple so she can marry the prince herself.  But Claire finds herself distracted by cute groomsman Tristan who seems to be interested in her as well.  An extemely light book, but fun.  However, I couldn't buy the premise that the woman marrying the prince would rely so much on her 11 year old cousin.