Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Divergent by Veronica Roth

The world is divided into five factions each of which honors a particular virtue - candor, selflessness, bravery, peace, and intelligence.  Beatrice is part of the selfless Abnegations but she is faced with an important decision as all 16 year olds get to choose which faction they will join as adults.  Although most teens choose the faction in which they were raised, Beatrice decides to join the brave Dauntless faction and is immediately taken away from her family to train.  Deciding to call herself Tris she finds the training to be harder than she ever imagined especially since she is ostracized for being the only recruit from Abnegation.  Tris struggles with another problem - her placing test revealed that she is actually Divergent, someone who could be suited for several different factions.  But she has been warned not to reveal her status to anyone and as divisions between the factions become more and more apparent Tris realizes just how dangerous her situation is.  This has proven to be an extremely popular book with teens and it is good for a dystopia but I had a hard time buying the Dauntless training.  Why would they be so cavalier about their trainees?  And the losses that Tris suffers later in the book really annoyed me after others had sacrificed for her.