Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Once Upon a Toad by Heather Vogel Frederick

Cat lives with her astronaut mom and visits her dad and his new family on vacations.  Cat loves her dad and stepmom but can't stand her nasty stepsister Olivia.  When Cat's mom is selected to spend several months on board the international space station, Cat has to move to Washington.  Forced to room together and go to the same school, Cat and Olivia butt heads more than ever.  After a visit from Cat's kooky Great-Aunt Abyssinia things go from bad to worse.  Now every time Cat makes a sound a toad drops out of her mouth!  Meanwhile, Olivia is dropping diamonds, flowers and other precious gems from her mouth.  What has happened to the girls and how can they fix it?  An extemely light re-telling of the classic fairy tale with the two girls forced to work together to solve their problems.