Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Exceptionals by Erin Cashman

Claire is the only normal in a family of people with exceptional abilities.  She has always attended public school until she gets in trouble at the spring dance.  Now she is joining the rest of her family at Cambial Academy, a school for kids with special abilities.  While the other students hone their X-men like powers, Claire goes into the woods to draw.  It's there that she meets Dylan, a very attractive boy who asks a lot of questions about Claire and Cambial.  During her time in the woods Claire also finds herself tuning into the thoughts of the animals, an ability she had as a child.  She is particularly attuned to a young hawk and his mother.  Claire has always dismissed this ability as meaningless but when she tells her brother he helps her work on developing her power.  Suddenly the most exceptional students at the school are disappearing and a prophecy indicates that Claire might be the one to save them, but at what cost?  This is a fine fantasy but it had too many elements that reminded me of several other books I have read.  I did like the hawk a lot, though.  I wish she had spent time talking to many other animals as well!