Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Lost Code by Kevin Emerson

Owen has won a space at an exclusive summer camp located in the Eden dome, a place where people have been able to live a luxurious life since global warming made life outside of the domes nearly impossible.  Owen has lived his life in one of the few communities outside a dome and is surprised at the food and amenities available at camp.  But during his initial swimming test Owen drowns.  He can feel himself dying and is surprised when he wakes up with beautiful counselor Lily giving him mouth-to-mouth and whispering that he shouldn't tell anyone anything about what happened to him.  Owen's only injuries seem to be gashes on his neck that itch constantly except for when he is in water.  Drawn to the lake one night he finds Lily and some other counselors swimming and learns that he has developed gills, just like all of them.  At first Owen is happy to be part of the exclusive group but he soon learns that the camp director is searching for something and believes the gill people are the key to what he hopes to find.  Owen also hears and sees a mysterious siren that none of his new friends see.  It's soon clear that Owen is even more special than the others and that he must save himself, his friends and what's left of humanity, especially now that the domes are months away from destruction.  Another dystopia but with a somewhat different universe.  A bit slow getting to the point throughout and obvious to me that Owen was engaging in some wishful thinking about one particular aspect of Lily