Monday, January 7, 2013

Blink Once by Cylin Busby

West has been in a terrible accident that has left him in the hospital strapped down, paralyzed and unable to communicate except by blinking, once for yes, twice for no.  He is visited daily by Olivia, the girl in the room next door, who seems to understand what he's thinking better than anyone else who comes to visit.  Olivia helps him deal with the nightmares he has about a young girl being attacked and the more they talk, the more West falls in love with her.  Olivia is worried that West will forget about her when he gets ready to undergo a surgery that promises a cure for his condition but West promises he will come back for her when he is better.  But after his surgery West finds that most of what he thought while in the hospital is questionable and he's not sure what to believe anymore.  This is an unusual love story.  When it gets to the part post-surgery the intrigue really picks up and the book became more interesting to me.  Prior to that I wasn't as interested and that section is pretty long so I'm not sure about the title's ability to capture the interest of other readers.