Sunday, January 6, 2013

Eve and Adam by K..A. Applegate and Michael Grant

After an accident that leaves Eve with a severely damaged leg she is whisked out of the hospital by her controlling mother, Terra, who just happens to be a scientist specializing in genetics.  While recuperating at her mother's headquarters Eve meets Solo, a boy who has lived there since his parents were killed in the same car accident that killed Eve's father several years before.  Solo is intent on bringing down Terra and uses his impressive hacking skills to find out what exactly is going on in the company.  But after meeting Eve he has some doubts when he realizes that hurting Terra will also upset Eve's world.  Meanwhile, Eve is filling her time by playing with a new program that allows her to build her ideal man whom she dubs "Adam".  When Solo confronts Eve with what he has found, including a secret about Eve herself, the two flee the compound only to be tracked by Adam who is much more than a simulation.  The secrets of Terra's lab are not too hard to figure out with the many hints dropped throughout.  I found the shifting of who the bad guy is to be a convenient plot device and none of the characters interested me much.  Fine, but fairly blah for me.