Friday, January 4, 2013

Fourmile by Wyatt Key

Foster loves living at Fourmile, his family's farm in Alabama.  Even though his mother is considering moving them to the city, Foster wants to stay at Fourmile because he can feel a connection to his father who died there a year before.  The only problem at the farm is the presence of Dax, his mother's boyfriend.  Foster can tell Dax is a bad man but he hides his meanness from Foster's mom.  Drifter Gary walks past the house while Foster is painting the fence one day.  Gary's and Foster's dogs become fast friends and Foster convinces his mom to let Gary stay in their barn to help fix up the farm for selling.  Unlike Dax, Gary is a quiet, mature role model for Foster despite harboring his own secret.  When Foster's mom decides to break up with him, Dax becomes possessive and increasingly violent which leads to an explosive showdown between the two men.  First of all, Foster's dog is a very important character and I was sure that something bad was going to happen to him so I contemplated putting the book down many times.  I'm not saying whether I was right or not.  The events in this book built in intensityand kept me slightly uncomfortable as the story went on and I was completely on board, until the very end.  I suppose that Gary's secret, which led to his reaction, is realistic but the resolution seemed a little much to me.  And I guess I would've preferred a more pat happy ending - not "happily ever after", but something a bit more settled than it seems to be.