Sunday, January 6, 2013

Kiss & Make Up by Katie Anderson

Emerson's best friend has declared that this will be the year of the boy for them.  Emerson is interested in dating but she hasn't even kissed a boy yet, despite her large collection of lip glosses thanks to her aunt who sells make up.  She has another problem as well - whenever she kisses someone she sees their thoughts and memories.  When she is kissed by Silas she sees what a creep he really is which becomes an even bigger problem when he starts dating her sister.  Emerson's grades have slipped and her aunt threatens to make Emerson go to public school the next year unless she can bring them up.  Emerson decides to put her kissing curse to good use by kissing the smartest boys in school in order to get their knowledge to help her in class.  Her plan is working well enough that she gets invited to join the academic decathalon team.  But along the way she has found that she actually cares about one of the geeks she has been using and might have to choose between true love and good grades.  Definitely chick lit!  But fun with a warm heart in Emerson's relationship with her aunt.  Light, but satisfying.