Friday, January 4, 2013

Wake by Amanda Hocking

Gemma loves to swim and goes to her favorite cove every night despite her sister's and father's worries.  Gemma is happy with her life in her small town, especially after she begins dating her next door neighbor Alex, a boy she has known her entire life.  But life in Capri becomes unsettled by the arrival of three amazingly beautiful girls who seem to have taken a special interest in Gemma and who are always around when she swims at night.  When the girls convince Gemma to spend some time with them she drinks an unusual potion and wakes up the next morning on the edge of the shore with some strange changes.  She seems to be becoming more beautiful daily; she feels a strange tingling in her legs whenever she is in the shower or around water; and she occasionally finds a green scale in her bed.  Even more strange is the way Alex reacts to her when she sings.  Knowing that something is wrong Gemma confronts the three girls who reveal that they are sirens and Gemma must now join them or die.  But being a siren has lots of downsides.  This is a new type of magical/mythological romance and it is well done for that genre.  I am very tired of trilogies and wish that some books would just wrap it up in one volume so I will complain about that, especially since this one has a hard cliffhanger.  But that is my particular issue, not one that my students usually have.  The nastiness of the sirens is revealed slowly and believably and Gemma's choices become more limited as the book proceeds.