Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What's Left of Me by Kat Zhang

In the unique premise of this book every body is born with two souls.  As the two people grow up one of them fades and the body settles into being one person.  Eva is the narrator of this book and she shares a body with Addie.  At age 16 Eva should have faded many years ago.  Addie and Eva knew that there was something wrong with them after their parents took them to many doctors to try to get them to settle, so they have pretended for several years that Eva doesn't exist.  Especially since hybrids are outlawed in their society.  But the girls learn that they are not the only secret hybrids and with the help of a new friend and her brother, Eva is slowly learning to express herself again.  But the risks to them all if they are found out are huge.  I found this an intriguing book as long as I was able to just accept the premise of the two souls in a body.  If I think too hard about what the would be like or how that would work, I get confused and can't accept the events in the book.  For a less analytical reader that probably won't be a problem and he or she can just enjoy the action.