Friday, February 15, 2013

Break My Heart 1,000 Times by Daniel Waters

The ghosts don't bother Veronica, not even her father's ghost who arrives every morning to read the paper.  Ever since the Event there are ghosts everywhere endlessly repeating the same moments of their lives.  The ghosts don't talk to or interact with the living and no one knows for sure why they reenact the moments they do.  On her way to school each day Veronica sees the ghost of Mary Green climbing the stairs to history teacher Mr. Bittner's apartment.  Mary was murdered four years before on leap day and although creepy Mr. Bittner was a suspect, nothing was ever found to tie him to the crime.  With leap day - also Veronica's birthday - approaching again, Veronica finds Mr. Bittner paying more attention to her.  With her new boyfriend Kirk, Veronica becomes involved in investigating the ghosts and why there seems to be more of them appearing all the time while simultaneously figuring out what happened to Mary and what is actually going on with Mr. Bittner.  This is definitely a creepy book!  For those old enough to understand the reference it strongly reminds me of "Psycho", especially Mr. Bittner.  I was disappointed that the Event was never explained as I had the impression that would help me to understand more about the ghosts and the timeline of their appearance.  A slowly (but not slow-paced) evolving story that builds in intensity throughout with lots of suspense and horror.