Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hidden by Helen Frost

8 year old Wren is in the back of her car when it is stolen.  Unseen by the thief she ends up trapped in his garage for several days trying to figure out a way to escape and get back home.  She can hear snatches of pleas from her parents on TV begging for her return.  She also overhears the thief's wife and daughter talking to him about his crime as well as their cries when he yells or hits them.  While waiting for her opportunity to escape from the garage, Wren is helped by Darra, the thief's daughter, who leaves sandwiches and water in places Wren can find them.  After her escape her kidnapper is arrested and Wren tries not to think of him ever again.  But that becomes difficult when both girls end up at a summer camp, in the same cabin, several years later.  At first angry at each other they come to an uneasy truce and then begin to understand how the kidnapping affected both of them.  This is an interesting story told in verse but it didn't grab me much.  The chapter narrators alternate and I often had to remind myself which girl was speaking and whether that girl was the one who was kidnapped or the daughter of the kidnapper.  I think it was going for a deep message but it didn't get there for me.