Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pinned by Sharon Flake

Autumn is a star on her school's wrestling team.  She has no problem working hard at making weight and practicing her moves.  But she has let her grades slide for a long time, especially in math and reading.  Adonis was born without legs but he doesn't let his disability stop him from being the smartest boy in school.  He can't help but know that Autumn likes him since she tells him so nearly every day, but he has no interest in someone he feels is below him intellectually.  When Autumn's parents decide to crack down and make her quit the team after her latest bad report card she is furious at first but then makes up her mind to put her boundless energy into catching up in school.  With Adonis' help, she might be able to do it. I am usually a fan of Flake's books but not this one.  Adonis is way too condescending for me to feel any warmth towards him or to see why Autumn likes him.  When their relationship does finally begin I don't see any actual change in either of them to make it feel plausible that now he would suddenly like her or allow her to just crawl into his lap.  Nor did I understand why Autumn would be interested in him throughout the book considering how he consistently treats her.  The whole storyline fell flat for me.