Monday, April 22, 2013

Quarterback Season by Fred Bowen

Matt is the quarterback of his middle school team and football is all he cares about.  But his new English teacher is also making him keep a journal.  Unsure of what he could possibly write about Matt decides to focus on football.  His first few entries are short and uninspiring but his teacher's feedback forces him to be more descriptive.  As the book goes on Matt becomes a very descriptive writer, pulling the reader into his problems on the team.  In particular, Matt struggles with new player Devro who is also a talented quarterback and Matt's biggest competition.  Often books that use a class assignment as a device come across as an unrealistic portrayal of a cool kid who comes to unwittingly love schoolwork.  Our students are not fooled by this!  This book does a better job of realistically portraying Matt's growth as a writer while also showing his growth on the field.  Like many sports-themed books it is pretty simplistic in plot but offers enough of a story to keep readers interested.