Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Storm Runners by Roland Smith

Ever since Chase's father survived being struck by lightning he has been dragging Chase with him as he chases storms.  With a huge hurricane bearing down Chase and his dad travel to Florida.  Chase begins school while his dad goes to a nearby town where he thinks the hurricane will make landfall.  When predictions prove wrong and the storm is raging around Chase's school the students are sent home.  Based on his experience Chase knows that traveling on the bus is a bad idea but he goes along with his new friend anyway.  But Chase's fears prove to be valid when the bus crashes and he and two others are stranded in the middle of a hurricane with only his backpack to help them survive.  There are several Roland Smith books I like a lot for middle schoolers.  This is not one of them.  While his writing is usually solidly middle school-esque, it doesn't usually talk down to them.  But this title was just too predictable and blah even in the middle of what ought to be a heart-stopping situation.