Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls by Claire Legrand

Victoria is perfect in every way - perfect grades, perfect looks, perfect manners, and more.  As such, she cannot tolerate anything else so when she gets a B in music class she is obsessed with finding a way to raise her grade.  Victoria has taken on Lawrence as a pet project and constantly harrangues him about his messiness and his love of music which she does not understand.  Worrying as she is about her grade she doesn't notice the signs that something strange is happening in town and doesn't notice that Lawrence has disappeared until several days later.  Victoria begins investigating the titular home but finds that most people don't even seem to remember that it, or their missing loved ones, even exists.  After asking one question too many Victoria finds herself a prisoner of the Cavendish Home where all children are made perfect through unspeakable means.  This book seemed almost whimsical at first to me, sort of in a Lemony Snicket type of way.  But the more we find out about the Cavendish Home and the people who run it, the darker the story becomes.  By the end it is really a horror story, especially as you find out what has happened to the people who got too close to the truth and the children who couldn't be changed.  Something about it didn't grab me but I suspect it will be popular both because of its weirdness and the horror of the Home.