Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Encyclopedia of Me by Karen Rivers

Tink is grounded, again.  Rather than moping she decides to spend all her new free time writing her own encyclopedia which is all about her.  Although it might seem impossible to do so, the author manages to tell a cohesive story of Tink's summer with entries in alphabetical order.  Among other things Tink decides to begin skateboarding and meets up with cute neighbor Kai who teaches her skating vocabulary and tricks.  Unfortunately, her stunning best friend Freddie Blue likes Kai as well and Tink knows she can never compete with Freddie Blue.   Tink's summer is also filled with prepping for a visit from a People-type magazine that is doing a story about her family and how they deal with her brother's autism.  As the novel goes on it becomes clear that Tink is seeing things differently and this is bringing about some changes in her home and social life, some of the changes being totally unexpected.  This is a good story with romance, friendship and family life and is cleverly done with the encyclopedia format.  I was, however, highly annoyed by the many, many footnotes in the book which really broke up the flow of reading for me.  I don't see teens enjoying them much either.