Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Farm by Emily McKay

Lily and her autistic twin sister Mel are living on a Farm after the United States has been overrun by Ticks, vampire/zombie-like creatures that eat humans and spread like a wild virus.  Most teens have been sent to Farms, supposedly to protect them from the Ticks. While there they are fed but they are also asked to give donations of blood to help feed the Ticks and keep them at bay.  Residents who get in trouble are tied outside the gates for the Ticks to feed on.  And girls who want to delay the inevitable get pregnant on purpose.  Lily has a plan for escape and sets off to trade a few precious things for the items she and Mel will need to survive outside the Farm's gates.  She runs into Carter, a boy she had a crush on in school before the Ticks.  Carter takes an immediate interest in Lily and once he guesses her plans reveals that he is actually there to rescue her as he believes she might have a power to stop the Ticks once and for all.  But life on the outside of the gates is even more dangerous than Lily imagined and Carter's allies present their own challenges to everyone's ultimate survival.  The story is fine and will appeal to those who can't get enough to this type of book.  As for me, I have had enough of the paranormal, action, survival, person with an ability that can save the world genre.  So you might want to take that into account when deciding whether to read the book or not.  I do appreciate that Lily is a strong character with more than enough backbone to stand alongside Carter.  I enjoyed the not-Tick vampire but was unsure of why all the people were so disgusted by his habits considering the world in which they live.  I saw the twist of what was happening with Mel a mile away.