Monday, April 15, 2013

The Look by Sophia Bennett

Ted has always compared her looks to her sister Ava's drop dead beauty and Ted knows it's no comparison.  Ted is tall, skinny, awkward, and has messy hair.  So when the two girls are out together in London and Ted is approached by a man who claims to be a model scout, she's sure it is a scam.  But when the modeling offer turns out to be real Ava is the one who encourages Ted to try it out. Ava is especially encouraging after she is diagnosed with cancer and her own activities are curtailed by her treatments and energy levels.  After Ted catches the attention of a woman who can really make things happen her modeling career explodes and she is poised to be the next supermodel.  But she is torn about where she should be when Ava begins distancing herself from everyone.  The part of this book I liked the most is the strong family and the close bond between the sisters, something that is rare in YA books.  The scene where Ted shaves her head to support Ava was touching without being portrayed in a cloying sweet "isn't this meaningful" way.  The look at the modeling industry is also interesting and, I think, realistic in that it takes a lot of work before Ted begins to have any success at all.  A nicely layered story that reads fast but leaves you with something to consider later.