Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Lost Treasure of Tuckernuck by Emily Fairlie

Laurie has had to leave her beloved school and best friend to attend Tuckernuck Hall, her parents' alma mater and home of the Cluckers.  Annoyed by everything at Tuckernuck including the chicken hats they have to wear for assemblies Laurie is just biding her time until she can return to her former school.  It appears she might get her wish because a school board member is planning to close Tuckernuck as soon as possible.  Given her aversion to the school no one is more surprised than Laurie when she stumbles across a clue to the treasure that was supposedly hidden by the original headmistress 80 years before.  Laurie teams up with Bud who was there when the first clue was uncovered and the two begin to solve the mystery that has stumped generations of Cluckers.  But their time is running out as the school is scheduled for demolition.  This is a fast-paced mystery/treasure hunt.  The clues are difficult to figure out which I generally appreciate although these really can't be guessed by the reader because they rely on information we don't have until the characters uncover it. Besides the usual narrative this book also includes e-mails and handwritten notes from teachers, parents and students.  I found those asides funny since they usually referred to school politics or events that had just happened but I wondered if student readers would understand what was happening with them.  I also enjoyed the teachers who kept roping Bud and Laurie into activities they didn't want to do because that seemed realistic.