Monday, April 15, 2013

The Price of Freedom by Dennis Brindell Fradin

This nonfiction picture book tells the story of two runaway slaves who managed to make it to Oberlin, Ohio.  Oberlin prided itself on being a safe haven for runaway slaves.  The two Price brothers decided to stay in Oberlin rather than running into Canada as they had originally planned.  However, the Fugitive Slave Act meant that they could be returned to slavery at any time if they were still in the United States.  When bounty hunters arrived in Oberlin Jon Price was captured and the hunters prepared to take him back to his former master.  What the slave hunters hadn't counted on was the fact that most of the people in Oberlin fought back to rescue Jon and keep him in town.  The picture book does a fine job but left me with some questions about what happened.  Luckily, there is more information included at the end of the book.