Monday, April 29, 2013

The Story of the Blue Planet by Andri Snaer Magnason

Brimir and Hulda are friends.  They live on the blue planet where there are only children and everyone is happy all the time.  They love spending time together and they are awed by the beauty of the flock of butterflies who leave their cave to fly around the world once a year.  One day the two friends observe a spaceship landing and out comes Jolly Goodday who promises to make dreams come true.  At first the children on the island think they don't need anything but when Jolly makes it possible for them to fly they find that their wants grow and grow.  Jolly gives them everything they want and all he takes in exchange is a little bit of their youth.  One day Brimir and Hulda are blown off course and end up on the other side of the planet where is it dark all the time since Jolly has nailed the sun in place over Brimir's and Hulda's home.  Struck with how their actions have impacted the other children Brimir and Hulda try to change opinions when they get back home but find that most of the children are not willing to change.  This message of this parable about natural resources and sharing the wealth is right up my alley but the execution left me cold.  Too overbearing to wrap me in the story with Jolly too easily changed by his own tactics at the end.