Friday, May 3, 2013

The Center of Everything by Linda Urban

Ruby is preparing to deliver her winning speech about her town's founder at the yearly parade.  As the events of the parade swirl around her Ruby remembers the events that led up to her being in this position, including her beloved grandmother's death.  There is a statue of the town founder holding up a donut and everyone in town knows that if you make a wish on your birthday and manage to throw a quarter through the hole of the donut your wish will come true on Bunning day.  Now that Bunning day has arrived Ruby is waiting for her wish and thinks something might happen during her speech.  It is obvious early on that Ruby's wish has to do with her grandmother and something Ruby regrets about the end of her grandmother's life.  What she actually wished for and how it comes true was a surprise to me.  Something in the writing style was a little more contrived than I usually like but I adjusted quickly and didn't notice it much after that.  Instead, I was just moved by Ruby's story and loss while also laughing out loud at several points.  I really enjoyed this book!