Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Dog Called Homeless by Sarah Lean

No one believes she can do it when Callie volunteers to be silent for one entire day for a school charity event.  Callie always has something to say, something that usually gets her into trouble.  But recently Callie has been thinking about things more especially since she has seen her dead mother on several occasions.  Beginning with the day of silence at school Callie stops talking entirely for weeks.  Although her dad doesn't notice for quite awhile, Callie finds that being silent lets her see things she never noticed before and she even makes new friends including the blind boy downstairs and a homeless man who seems to have a strange connection to Callie.  Callie also meets a stray Irish wolfhound she names Homeless.  She feels that Homeless belongs with her family but her dad completely disagrees despite the unusual things that are happening.  This book falls into the category of magical realism - realistic with a few magical events.  Other than seeing her dead mother the magical events happen towards the end of the book so I can't tell you about them!  But like most books in this genre there is a quiet story that comes together with some fairly heart-rending revelations.