Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Fire Horse Girl by Kay Honeyman

Jade Moon is a Fire Horse, the unluckiest sign in the zodiac for girls.  Everyone in her village knows her and knows of the problems she has had because of her birth sign.  When Sterling Promise arrives to make a business offer to her father they make plans to travel to America and Jade Moon goes along with the hope of starting a new life where she is not so cursed.  Jade Moon is surprised to find that rather than immediately beginning anew in San Francisco, they must all spend months locked up on Angel Island to prove that they belong in the United States.  With her prospects looking bleaker by the moment Jade Moon decides to take some drastic action to get off the island but her decision leads her down an even more unexpected path.  I was captured by the beginning of this book which seemed to leaning towards a fairy tale inspired story.  But as it went on I was just overwhelmed by all that was happening.  In the end, it feels like there were three complete books in this one - Jade Moon's time in Asia, her time on Angel Island, and her time in San Francisco as an Asian mobster.  I think all three stories are probably fine, just too much all together for me.