Monday, October 28, 2013

52 Reasons to Hate My Father by Jessica Brody

Lexi has been counting down to her 18th birthday for years.  That's the day she finally gets control of the millions of dollars in her trust fund and can stop listening to her rich, but distant, father.  Lexi is famous for being a spoiled heiress and her image is enhanced even more when she crashes her brand new Mercedes into a convenience store after a night of partying just days before her birthday.  Lexi's latest scandal causes her father to finally pay attention to her but not in a way she likes.  When Lexi goes to sign the papers to collect her inheritance she learns that her father has a new requirement.  She has to work a different low-paying job every week for an entire year to learn the value of hard work.  If Lexi refuses she will not receive any money at all.  Determined to take her father for as much as possible Lexi agrees to the new terms but working for a living turns out to be much harder than she ever imagined.  This is a fun, if predictable, story.  Lexi is a real brat but she rings true given our exposure to real life celebrities.  Her transformation (and her father's) is a long time coming but the happy ending is sweet.