Friday, October 25, 2013

Dark Star by Bethany Frenette

Audrey has lived her entire life with the secret that her mother is Morning Star, a crime-fighting superhero.  The only other person who knows her connection to Morning Star is Audrey's best friend Gideon.  Audrey has always felt safe knowing that she has her mother to watch over her but she finds herself shaken when she is attacked by some presence she doesn't understand, something with sharp teeth and claws.  After her attack her mother reveals that she is really part of a family of that fight Harrowers, creatures similar to demons that have escaped into our world.  The Kin know that something big is trying to escape and take over Minneapolis but they don't know who is helping the dangerous creature.  Audrey needs to learn how to harness the powers she has never used to help her family discover the traitor amongst the Kin.  This was enjoyable enough if typical in the story.  I had a guess as to the identity of the traitor but that was still a fun reveal and I suspect it will surprise younger readers.