Monday, October 28, 2013

Going Vintage by Lindsey Leavitt

Mallory is devastated when she finds out that her boyfriend has an online wife  with whom he shares secrets he has never told Mallory.  Even though he has never met his virtual girlfriend, Mallory feels betrayed by the obvious emotional connection between the two of them.  While helping to clean out her house Mallory comes across a "to do" list made by her grandmother in 1962.  Still hurting from her break-up Mallory decides to swear off technology and focus on the goals her grandmother had set for herself such as sewing her own dress for the dance, becoming secretary of the pep club, and hosting a dinner party.  But going vintage isn't as easy as she imagined nor does it make her life magically better because Mallory still has plenty of problems to handle including how close she is getting to her ex's cousin, Oliver.  This is a cute story.  Although it is light hearted, it does point out that the good old days were not as simple as they appear in retrospect.  The subplots involving Mallory's parents and grandmother were also nicely woven into the story.