Monday, October 21, 2013

The Lucy Variations by Sara Zarr

Lucy comes from a family of musicians and she was on the path to world fame as a pianist until she walked away from it all two years ago.  Now she's sixteen and refuses to play the piano at all, not even for herself.  Her family is disappointed in her and they barely speak to her anymore.  Now the family's hopes rest on her young brother Gus.  When Gus' teacher dies Lucy's formidable grandfather hires a new, young teacher named Will.  Will has heard of Lucy due to her former stardom and is curious about what made her stop playing.  He encourages her to forget about whatever issues she had and to play just for herself again.  With Will's support Lucy begins to feel as though she might be able to recapture her love of music but can she trust everyone around her again?  Lucy's story was fine but not too eventful.  I did appreciate, however, the end of the book where she really learned to trust herself and her sense of who was helpful to her and who was just using her.