Monday, October 21, 2013

The Shadow Society by Marie Rutkoski

Darcy has lived in a series of foster homes since she was left outside of a firehouse at the age of five.  She has finally found a home that seems comfortable and is beginning to settle in when her world is rocked again by the arrival of Conn, a new boy from school who seems to know her and alternates between acting as if he likes her or hates her.  Conn's attitude is explained when, in an emotional state, Darcy disappears.  She learns that she is a Shade from a parallel world and Conn is with the police force of that world. Shades are dangerous people responsible for many acts of terrorism and Conn has been sent to arrest Darcy and bring her back to her original world. Because of her unusual upbringing Darcy has the unique ability to pass in both Shade and regular societies and she is quickly coerced into being a spy for the police.  I really enjoyed this book the entire time I was reading it even though it has similarities to other paranormal romances in terms of the story arc.  But the overall premise is unique.  The one negative thing I would say, though, is that since reading it I have had a hard time remembering much about the plot when talking about it with other people.  It seems to have left not much of a lasting impression on me despite the fact that I liked it while reading.