Monday, November 4, 2013

Beautiful Decay by Sylvia Lewis

Ellie always has a fresh pair of gloves available to put on in case the pair she is currently wearing begin to rot.  Ellie's touch causes surfaces to grow mold or gives people infections that are hard to shake.  She is a freak at school and everyone, even teachers, know to stay away from her.  She can't understand why newcomer Nate doesn't seem to be afraid of her until he reveals that he is a necromancer and is not afraid of her.  More importantly, he reveals that Ellie is a viviomancer - someone who manipulate the forces of life.  Armed with a word for what she is Ellie feels slightly less alone but her troubles are just beginning with troubles between her and her best online friend as well as Nate's zombie mother whom he raised accidentally.  I think this book should have been more exciting than it was but the story built as it went along, especially with the arrival of Ellie's friend.