Monday, November 4, 2013

Cameron and the Girls by Edward Averett

When Cameron doesn't take his pills he hears voices in his head and sometimes things get out of control.  Cameron knows he should take his pills but he likes hearing the voice of The Professor who gives him good advice and Cameron thinks he can handle being off his pills this time.  Cameron is surprised to hear a new voice in his head, a voice he calls The Girl.  She seems to like him and Cameron is worried that he will lose his new girlfriend if he takes his pills again so he makes a pact with his new friend Nina that they will stick together while experimenting with going cold turkey.  But along with The Girl Cameron begins to hear another new voice and this one urges him to do things that are more destructive.  This book presents a realistic picture of a person dealing with some schizophrenic tendencies and now easy it is to go down a destructive path.