Monday, November 4, 2013

Cursed by Jennifer Armentrout

Ever since her little sister used her gift to bring Ember back from the dead every living thing she touches dies.  Ember used to be popular before she was cursed with the touch of death but now she is picked on for being strange and wearing gloves all the time.  When her biggest bully catches her in a parking lot and won't let her go he dies and Ember finds herself with no choice but to go with a couple of strangers to a home filled with other teens with odd powers. Even among oddballs Ember is ostracized because her power is not viewed as natural and because she can't control it.  For her part, Ember is distrustful of the motives of the people in charge of her new home and when she finds some evidence that the accident that killed her wasn't an accident she has even more reason to be suspicious.  I see that others liked this book but I just couldn't get interested in Ember who claims to be a victim but then lunges at people with bare hands when she gets annoyed.