Monday, November 4, 2013

Dr. Frankenstein's Daughters by Suzanne Weyn

Ingrid and Giselle are the twin daughters of Dr. Frankenstein, a father they never met.  Dr. Frankenstein left them and kept his relationship to them secret in order to keep them safe from the monster he created who was destroying everything the doctor loved.  Now 17 the girls have inherited all of their family's land and the castle and have come to live on the desolate island.  But something seems to be stalking the girls.  Giselle continues to fall prey to men who seek to do her harm and people on the island are turning up dead.  Ingrid, meanwhile, has found her father's former laboratory and notes and is working to recreate his work in order to help a wounded soldier she loves.  This book has a good payoff at the end but is fairly long in getting around to it.