Monday, November 4, 2013

Far Far Away by Tom McNeal

Jeremy Johnson Johnson is different from most people. For example, he can hear the ghost of Jacob Grimm talking to him.  Jacob has been trapped on Earth since his death and believes that helping Jeremy in some way might be the thing that will allow him to move on to his afterlife.  Jeremy has never been very popular at school so he is surprised when Ginger seems to take an interest in him and begins inviting him to take part in her outings.  One of her plans involves playing a prank on the local baker by putting Pop Rocks into his cereal bowl when he's not looking.  Jeremy helps but the prank goes awry and he is caught by the police and shunned by the town.  This one incident sets into motion a whole series of events that leads to an ending worthy of the grim fairy tales Jacob and his brother collected hundreds of years before.  This is an odd book that ended up really winning me over because it kept me thinking.  It builds so slowly and drew me in that it wasn't until I was nearly done that I realized the genre had switched to gruesome horror!