Monday, November 4, 2013

Golden Boy by Tara Sullivan

Habo is an albino living in Tanzania.  He is the object of ridicule in his small town because of his looks and he can't do much because his eyes and skin are so sensitive to sunlight.  Even his brothers are disgusted by him and his mother can barely stand to look at him.  With Habo unable to work to help pay the bills the family has to move to the city to live with an aunt.  But she warns them about bounty hunters who will kill albinos to sell body parts to witch doctors who believe in the magical power of albinos.  Habo is forced to hide until the family raises enough money to travel to the capital where albinos are accepted and even part of the government.  But when Habo is discovered by a man he knows to be a killer Habo decides he has to travel to the city alone to protect his family.  I wasn't sure about this book until quite a ways into it.  Often books like this present not very great stories just in order to make some greater point.  But Habo's life in the city changed my mind with the deeper characters he met there.  And the author's note at the end provided lots of great information.