Monday, November 4, 2013

Juvie by Steve Watkins

Sadie had a huge lapse in judgment the night she agreed to go to a party with her sister Carla.  Carla has always been a screw up - getting pregnant at a young age, working a minimum wage job and partying as if she was still a teen.  Sadie, meanwhile, is a basketball star on her way to a college scholarship.  But on the night of the party Sadie allows herself to be convinced to drive two men they just met at the party to a convenience store.  Once there, Sadie and Carla are arrested for selling drugs to a police officer - a drug deal the two unknown men set up.  Since Carla already has a record Sadie agrees to take the blame thinking she will just get probation.  But a tough judge sentences Sadie to six months in juvenile detention and everything in her life comes crashing down.  Sadie's future is in jeopardy, it doesn't look like Carla is doing much to change her life, and life in juvie is no picnic.  I love the other book I've read by Watkins so I had high expectations for this one.  It was fine but not as moving as What Comes After.  I did like, however, that although life in juvie was not as it is often depicted in prison movies and shows, it was still pretty awful in more everyday ways.