Monday, November 4, 2013

Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson

David was just a boy when the Epics first got their powers.  Although all of the new supermen and women seemed to be evil David's dad believed that some of them would eventually show up and use their powers for good.  When Steelheart arrives to stop a villain from killing people in the bank where they are applying for a loan, David's dad believes a good Epic has finally arrived.  But Steelheart turns out to be the worst one yet and ten years later he has turned most of Chicago into steel and rules the city by killing enemies and innocent people alike.  Although he appears to have no weaknesses, David saw Steelheart bleed when hit by a bullet in the bank robbery and David has made it his mission to find Steelheart's secret weakness and kill him.  He manages to join the Reckoners, an underground group that is dedicated to killing Epics and enlists them in his crusade to take out the greatest villain of them all.  Loved this book!  The first chapter is amazing and while the rest of the story doesn't keep that pace entirely, it still moves along with many twists and turns in this unique premise.