Monday, November 4, 2013

The Quilt Walk by Sandra Dallas

In 1863 Emily's father tells her and her mother that they will be leaving their home in Illinois and moving to Colorado to set up businesses and make some money off of the gold miners there.  The trip will be long and difficult and the family can only take along whatever they can fit into their wagon.  In fact, the wagon is so packed that Emily and her mother have to wear all of their clothing because there's no room for it in the wagon.  Before they go Emily's grandmother gives her pieces for quilt blocks with the expectation that Emily will work on sewing them together on the way out west.  Emily doesn't like quilting but her mother and aunt help her with the pieces and between her quilting and the many other adventures she experiences during their many months of traveling Emily finds the time passing quickly. I love adult novels by Sandra Dallas but wasn't as taken by this one.  The story was enjoyable but there was no major event that made me anxious to find out what happened.  It is, however, a good depiction of migration across the Midwest with all of the troubles faced by our pioneers.