Monday, November 4, 2013

The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani

Sophie and Agatha are best friends in their small town.  Each year two teens are taken by the Schoolmaster to the school for Good and Evil and eventually the two abducted people show up in the fairy tale books that arrive at the bookstore.  Sophie has been practicing being good for years so she's sure she'll become a princess in no time.  She's also sure that Agatha will be taken for the evil school since all she wears are shapeless black dresses.  But when both girls are taken they are in for a surprise because Sophie is dumped into the evil swamp and Agatha is decked out in pink to become a princess.  Sophie knows there must have been a mistake and is determined to make her way to the school for princesses while Agatha just wants to go back home, especially after she learns what becomes of the students who don't measure up.  The premise of this book had me very excited to read it before I began but oh my, the execution was endless.  And Agatha's devotion to her evil friend was just not understandable to me.  A fairy tale story that fell very flat to me.