Monday, November 4, 2013

The Sweet Dead Life by Joy Preble

Jenna's family has been falling apart since the car accident that killed her father.  Her mother is in a deep depression and doesn't interact with the family at all while her brother is a stoner.  Jenna herself hasn't been feeling too well recently and when she collapses her brother rushes her to the hospital but has an accident on the way there.  When Jenna wakes up she is surprised to find Casey without a scratch on him.  In fact he looks better than ever.  Testing on Jenna, however, reveals that she is being poisoned and it's up to her, her newly cleaned up brother and a strangely involved paramedic to figure out who is trying to kill Jenna.  I really liked this story and would love to be able to recommend it to more students but Casey's drug use at the beginning of the story is mentioned too much for me to do an active push of it.  His later transformation makes up for the earlier problems if only the requests for banning weren't already all filed.