Thursday, May 15, 2014

Skinny by Donna Cooner

All of us have a voice in our head that tells us who we are.  Ever calls her voice "Skinny" and Skinny tells Ever that she is fat, pathetic and a loser.  Skinny also tells Ever that everyone is making fun of her because of her weight.  Ever has an amazing singing voice and would love to try out for the school plays but won't because oof her fear of being made fun of.  When she learns that next year's musical will be "Cinderella" Ever knows she must try out for the role so she decides to undergo gastric bypass surgery to lose weight.  The possible consequences are huge but with the support of her best friend Rat, Ever has the surgery.  This is a realistic look at weight loss surgery and the changes that occur both physically and mentally to someone losing a lot of weight.  There are no quick transformation solutions in this book, rather it presents the ugly results of the surgery.  But I really appreciated this book's realistic journey to self-acceptance and Ever's realization that her body was not the only thing getting in her way.