Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Obsidian Mirror by Catherine Fisher

As the book begins Jake finally manages to get himself expelled from school.  He wants to go stay with his guardian, Oberon Venn, because he believes Venn has murdered his father who has gone missing.  When Jake arrives at Venn's mansion he finds a man surrounded by secrets, many of which involve the ominous obsidian mirror.  Jake learns that Venn and his father worked together to unlock the secrets of the obsidian mirror which allows time travel.  Without knowing exactly how it worked, Jake's father tested the mirror and has been missing ever since.  But Venn and Jake's father were not the only ones interested in the mirror and an unusual group of humans and fey are gathering around the house, all hoping to control the mirror for their own reasons.  Like Fisher's other books this one is a complex piece, further complicated by the time travel.  The story moves from one time to another relying on context clues to make it clear when you are.  A good book but it definitely requires a serious reader!