Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Archived by Victoria Schwab

When we die our life histories are kept in The Archive.  Mackenzie is a Keeper charged with returning those Histories that escape back to the Archive.  Mackenzie was chosen for the secret job by her grandfather who passed along his keys that can open doors into the corridors between our world and the Archive.  When Histories first escape they are confused and easy to return but the longer they stay in the hallways the more angry and dangerous they become so Mackenzie is very surprised when she finds Owen who seems to be retaining his sanity even after days in the hallway. After moving to a new apartment Mackenzie notices a sudden upturn in the number of Histories she is sent to retrieve.  She also can't stop herself from investigating a mystery from the past in her new home.  Someone is deliberately sabotaging the Archives and Mackenzie is starting to believe that her new home is related to the problems in the afterlife.  This is a truly unique story, something that is difficult to find!  It creates an eerie mood  and leaves you thinking about what happens after death even though the book is a fantasy.