Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Dark Unwinding by Sharon Cameron

Katherine has no choice but to live under her aunt's thumb since she has no money of her own even though her aunt treats her poorly.  When her aunt tells her to go investigate her uncle Tully and report back on his mental condition, Katherine has no choice.  She finds that Uncle Tully is a kind, shy man who makes amazing mechanical creatures but he does seem a little off mentally. (Today we would probably say that he has autism.)  Tully also supports a whole town of people who would all be penniless and out of their homes if Katherine told her aunt the truth about Tully.  Torn between protecting her sweet uncle and facing her own financial ruin if she doesn't do what her aunt wants, Katherine is further troubled by blackouts where she is reported to be acting as if she is drunk even though she hasn't had any drugs.  This is an example of what steampunk should be - set in the past but with some futuristic creations.  I found the book a little too long but the story was good and the reveal towards the end with the aunt arriving was satisfying.