Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Paladin Prophecy by Mark Frost

Will is athletic and smart but his parents have always told him to stay in the middle of the pack, don't stand out. While jogging to school one day Will notices that he is being followed by men in black cars.  He receives a text from his father telling him to run, even though his dad is hundreds of miles away.  At school, Will is called into the office where he finds out that he received the top score in the country on a standardized test.  Will is being offered a chance to attend the Center for Integrated Learning, a prestigious school for gifted students.  When Will gets home that afternoon he realizes that something has happened to his mom. Her eyes are glazed and she is telling him things he knows she would never say, especially since his parents have drilled a list of rules into his head for years.  When the men in the black cars show up Will knows that his only escape is to go to the Center and hope he can disappear off the radar.  At the Center, Will learns that he and the other students have other talents beyond their intelligence and that the dangers they face go far beyond this world.  This is a great adventure with supernatural elements.