Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tides by Betsy Cornwell

Noah has landed a dream internship at the aquarium on the island where his grandmother lives.  He and his younger sister Lo decide to spend the summer with their grandmother hoping to have a quiet few weeks.  But Noah's job at the aquarium isn't at all what he expected when he has to spend most of his time doing paperwork.  And his summer is further disrupted when he saves a girl named Mara from drowning.  Mara and Noah have an instant connection but Mara is a selkie and her family has distrusted humans ever since a group of selkie children were kidnapped many  years before.  Noah and Lo learn that their grandmother is also intimately involved with the selkies and that the missing children might be closer than they think.  Another book with an interesting premise but the execution left me uninspired.  I felt as though there were too many topics on top of the loves story and mystery with the selkies - gay characters and bulimia to name a couple.